Thursday, June 21, 2012

One sunset

As some of may have noticed, I've spent some time away from writing recently. This was due to one simple problem........... I just wasn't feeling it.

While that may seem like a bit of a lame, vague excuse to most of you, there's something you need to know about who I am. There's something about my mind that won't allow me to be creative if my heart isn't in it. I just can't force it. If I do, whatever I create seems incredibly shallow, empty, and hollow. I appreciate the prayers of those of you who have been praying for me. I assure you, there's not some major dilemma in my life. I just had to change my perspective.

Doing so is what has led me to write what I'm about to write, and I sincerely hope that it inspires you in some small way. If it does, then I thank God for inspiring me to write it.

So, here's my question? Is it possible to lead the most powerful, productive, influential life we can possibly live with just one simple step?...........I say yes.

Ok..........So now you're thinking I've lost my mind completely.

But hear me out...............

As I sat at work today, I opened a photo I have on my phone. It's a simple photo that I took from the deck of my home. I was sitting outside one night as the sun was going down, and I thought it was truly a beautiful sunset.

As I gazed at the photo today, a thought came to me. It inspired me so much, I began to write it down. It went something like this:

"With every single sunset we see far off on the horizon, it is setting not only on the surface of the earth, but also upon everything we've said, done, or accomplished on that day.

We will watch various sunsets with a variety of thoughts as we think back upon the day that has just passed. Some days, we'll gaze into that sunset feeling a deep sense of accomplishment and value in what we've said and done, and in how we've spent the day. Other times, we'll feel a strong sense of remorse for what we've said and done - or for what we've failed to say and do. We'll all see the same sunset..........but we'll all view it from our own very personal and unique perspective.

But the beauty is that every sunset is followed by another sunrise, within which lives a renewed sense of hope and purpose, and yet another opportunity to be exactly who God designed us to be for that day. The previous day is gone forever, but the new day has dawned.

That's how God created it to be. The day begins, and we do our work. Sometimes we do very good work. Other times.........not so much. But when that day is over............we rest........and the sun will always rise again tomorrow."

So, back to my question.............Is it possible to lead the most powerful, productive, influential life we can possibly live with just one simple step?.............Yes.

The answer?..........Live just one sunset at a time.

Is it important to plan for the future? Is it important to set goals for ourselves? Absolutely. But that's not what I'm speaking of here.

What I'm speaking of is waking up everyday, with that new sunrise, and starting with just one thought. "Ok,'s a new day. I know you're here, and I know there's work that your have for me to do. Please show me what that work is, be with me as I step into it, and guide me through it as I try to do the best that I can to please you in it."

Don't think about what tomorrow will bring..............think about how close that next sunset is, and what you want to feel as you watch it set. Taking that one simple step will never make us perfect. We will fail miserably at times. But living within that mindset, just one sunset at a time, will allow us to string each sunset together with the next one, and the next one, until they eventually create a life that's incredibly beautiful.